where it all started

The company started its first steps in the field of cheesemaking in 1967 when Spyros Bafas commenced to produce small quantities of yellow hard cheeses. He utilized the expertise and the decades of experience he gathered from his great-grandfathers, whose main activities were livestock farming. Spyros Bafas having established the solid foundations and the principles of a family business, passes on to his children all the knowledge gathered of family tradition.

One generation to another

The second generation, consists of Anastasios & Nikolaos Bafas, carried the duty and strived to develop the company’s strategies. 2000 is a milestone year, with the building of new modern cheese factory near the previous facilities. Signifying a new age where the traditional cheese factory becomes a dairy industry. An increase in demand leads the company to collaborate with more milk producers, locally & the mountainous area, in order to meet the needs. Order volumes begin to increase, & the company’s reputation begins to spread throughout Greece & other foreign countries. The third generation of Bafas family has an active role in the industry.

the third generation

Today, the company can be characterized as a family company where the family members actively participate in day-to-day actions. The third generation is methodically preparing, with the appropriate education and international expertise, the continuous of tradition. They combine the most modern means of technology with traditional cheesemaking methods in order to produce the best possible results. At the same time, utilizing modern marketing methods, aiming at optimal promotion of BAFAS products both in Greek and foreign markets.


Bafas Epirus Milk Industry is one of the largest cheese production industries in our country, having a wide distribution network throughout Greece.

A large part of the production is being exported in more than 20 countries internationally, with the main ones being America, Egypt, France, Germany as well as Singapore


The development and success of Bafas Milk Industry Epirus is based on three principles. These three principles form the basic clay for every action or decision of the company’s members.


Quality Guarantee

Respecting Customers and Their Needs


You can find the products of BAFAS company in partner companies all over Greece. At the same time our dairy shop is located in Arta.


12nd km Road,
Artas - Koronissias

PC 47100 Greece


Phone: +30 26810 41562

Email: info@bafas.gr

7:00 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 07:00 – 16:00