where it all started

The history of BAFAS Epirus Milk Industry starts from Spyros Bafas. Spyros Bafas utilized the know-how and decades of experience that he gathered from his great-grandparents, who were exclusively engaged in stockraising and cheese making. As a breeder and cheesemaker, he decided to use this accumulated experience to open his own traditional cheese dairy in 1969. Soon his efforts paid off and his fame spread quickly throughout the region.

from generation to generation

With the solid foundations and principles of a family business, Spyros Buffas passes on all the knowledge from the family tradition of decades to his children. The traditional cheese dairy is evolving into a milk industry. Demand is increasing and in order to meet the needs of the industry, partnerships with selected farmers in the area are being initiated.

the third generation

The third generation of the Bafa family has an active role in the industry. The third generation is preparing methodically, with the right education and international experience to continue the decades-old tradition.
The third generation will combine the most modern technological means with traditional cheese-making methods in order to produce the best possible result in terms of product quality. At the same time, utilizing modern marketing methods, it aims at the optimal promotion of BAFAS products both in the Greek and foreign markets.


The Epirus Dairy Industry BAFAS is now one of the largest cheese production industries in our country with a wide distribution network throughout Greece. It has a strong export character with most of its production being exported abroad, to over 15 countries internationally, the largest of which are America, Singapore, Germany and France.

The company is making a series of investments, firstly by automating the pasteurisation process of its products. In addition to the automation moves, the company has new feta cauldrons, new filters, and is involved in new investment programmes to upgrade production processes.


The development and success of Bafas Epirus Milk Industry is based on three principles. These three principles form the main pillar for every action or decision of the company’s members.


Quality Guarantee

Respecting Customers and Their Needs


You can find the products of BAFAS company in cooperating businesses throughout Greece such as Supermarket SKLAVENITI, MY MARKET & LIDL.
At the same time our dairy shop is located in Arta.


12th km National Road
Arta - Koronisia,
Arta 47100, Greece


Phone: +30 2681041227
Mobile: +30 6941234567


7:00 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 07:00 – 16:00